Hlakacha village outreach

Hlakacha village is in Butha-Buthe district and found in Mochechane constituency. This village is one of the remote areas in Lesotho. The road to this village is not easily accessible and is a gravel one. The people living in this village earn the living by rearing animals and growing crops for home consumption. The working class is very low in this village therefore many people are poor in the village. There is also high literacy rate since the schools are far from the village inspired there is a new primary school in the village.
We had an outreach on Wednesday (5/10 /2016) meant for the youth. The chief from the village had a concern that these people lack knowledge on sexually transmitted diseases as from his records he has an alarming rate of infected people. Many people in this village got married and have so many children. We played a myth busters game. The game showed that many people still do not have enough knowledge about the Sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover the game revealed more information that they still believe is true whereas they are just the myths. For instance they do believe that if a woman have sex during breastfeeding, the sperm will get into the milk and the child will not grow in a normal way.

Furthermore we watched a movie about perseverance. The lesson behind was to motivate them and encourage them not give up to their different challenges. They were so excited and begged for more, unfortunately the time was not on our side. We also discussed on how they can come together to start some income generating projects as they get bored during the day so they end up making wrong decisions like engaging in multiple partners.
We also discussed more about their life in general and the problems they encounter. One of their major problem is they are far from the health centres for they struggle to get the health services such as ARV’s and the contraceptives. Most of the women also complaint about their husbands as they do not allow them to use the contraceptives for they (men) say that is against their culture and many more bad impacts.

Since I was doing the program alone I didn’t have a good chance to take more pictures during our program but we took them after. After our program we took some pictures together with the older people and the children who were not involved in a program. We then had a prayer together.

JTC report

We had an outreach Today with Sechaba at JTC. We started our program at 10:00 in the morning. We started with an opening prayer followed by some energizers as to break the ice. We then read a real-life story of one person who changed his life by choosing a new set of values to live by. It’s heartlines material called For good ( take action for good).
The story is about a man called Saki who was sentenced to 15 year in prison at the age 16. He served 10 years. Saki put his words into action too. Every month he travels to the long-term prison, where he visits a group of boys from the local area. He takes food and spends time listening and giving advice to the young boys inside, telling them that when they get out they must take a good life or soon they will be back behind the bars. There are many young men involved in crime in the area where he lives, but every day he makes a decision not to join them. It is difficult. Saki says ” it is sometimes very difficult to be a new person. If people find out that you have been a prisoner, a ‘Bhantinti’, a criminal, you become a first suspect. We need a campaign for people to see that we are willing change.” The story of Saki goes on. To download this book, visit

The boys loved the story and it deeply touched them as well as Sechaba. It was such a good time to read for the boys about Saki’s story. The boys a willing to change as well and to take action for good. We also read the story of Paul and Silas in prison from the bible in Acts 16: 25-34. The story was more related to the one for Saki. We had a closing prayer.

Outreach Maseru village

On the 20 August 2016 we had an outreach in Maseru village. Maseru village is in Butha-Buthe in ‘Moteng area. The outreach was involving the community youth club (Moteng Fishing and Tourism Association), the children from the village and the community people. Lack of jobs and HIV has devastating effects on this village and its future generation. As there are no job opportunities in this village, many people engage in multiple partners to the passersby in order to earn the living. The youth in this village also drop from schools at the alarming rate as their parents cannot afford to pay for their fees at high schools. Therefore this increases the chances of getting HIV as they also get bored since they have no jobs to keep them busy. Above all there are so many orphans in this village and many of them are infected or affected by HIV and AIDS.

Furthermore I and Phillip, we did write a letter to the Peace Corps office asking for a volunteer who can equip the youth in this village with some life skills. We hope this can bring some changes to this community as people will be encouraged to start their small income generating projects. In few months back our proposal was approved therefore we have to prepare for the arrival of such a volunteer. The Peace Corp was also demanding the community to build up a toilet for such a person where he will be staying. Therefore we found it necessary for us to go there and do such a project with the community. Everything is ready except the toilet that was half done. On Saturday we invited the kids and the youths to collect the stones and river sand that will be used to finish up
building the toilet. We started collecting the stones and after that we went to the river to collect the sand river. It was really fun and the kids enjoyed that as it was during the weekend. After working we played some indigenous games together and read a crocodile in my body book. They needed some clarification about HIV, luckily the book had their answers. We also explained more to them. One of them was that why is that the kids are also the victims of HIV? After all we enjoyed the food that we cooked for them. One of the local shops also contributed 2.5 Kg of maize meal, bag of simba chips and the sweets. We bought sausages for them . They were so excited to eat together and they enjoyed the


We had the behavioral change program with the Juveniles on Saturday the 30 July 2016. I was doing the program with Malefetsane and Sechaba. We started with the energizers as our icebreaker.

We talked about forgiveness. We had a very limited time so we didn’t show them a film from heartlines as we were prepared to show them. We gave the boys few minutes to think of any people they need to forgive. When the time collapsed we divided them into three small discussion groups. In each group the following questions were asked. What can you do to show them that they have been forgiven by you? Some replys to this question were: I can help them where necessary and show them the love of Christ in many ways. The other reply was, I can be the same as before we had conflicts and be friendly.
I can give them a gift, this was also one of the reply. What makes it hard to take the first step to reconcile with someone who has wronged us?

Their reply was as follows:
It’s not easy to approach such people as they think such people may reject them. Is there any debt that cannot be forgiven?
This question was debatable from every group.
Towards the end of our program the boys were encouraged to pray and ask God to help them to continue to forgive. As said, the boys need to know that sometimes forgiving others often takes time and is a process. We also read Ephesians 4:32 ” Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” The boys were encouraged to memorise this Bible verse. We also read Matthew 18:15-35 for the boys to realize the steps to take while we need to forgive and to answer some questions they might have asked.

Moteng community sports outreach

The sporting activities started on the 21 July 2016 until the 24 July 2016. It was soccer games and netball games. There were six soccer teams who were competing and two netball teams, each team had to register with M50. The games were organized by ‘Moteng Fishing and Tourism Association (MFTA). MFTA is registered youth club that was formed by the youths around ‘Moteng after going to some several programs offered by MMMI. The aim of these games was to raise the funds to build a toilet for a volunteer who will be working with the association and the community for two years.

During the games, the members were divided into 3 groups and given a task to sell the snacks, fruits and cookies to the spectators. Each group was given certain goods to sell within the expected time. Failing to sell within the expected time, there were some punishments made to that group such as cleaning the surrounding after the games as per day. It was more fun.This was meant to test the members how persuasive they are and to encourage them to carry such small selling projects on their own as to earn the living. The games also attracted some of the tourists going and from the Oxbow Lodge and Afriski as they played near to the main road. We welcomed them with open arms and smiling faces. We explained to them about the background of our community and the purposes we had such games. We watched the soccer match together and they had to knock off. During our discussion one of those tourists promised to donate a wheelchair chair to our community as to support us to make some changes in our community. We decided to give the wheelchair to one of the boys in the village who is lame from his birth. In the afternoon Today I was told that the wheelchair has been received. I will try to get the pictures when I get back to ‘Moteng.

In the last day of the games the prices were given to the teams ccording to their good performances. Such prices included soccer attire, netball attire, soccer balls and netball ball.