Molumong village

Molumong is such a big village located on the hill that goes along Senqu river in Mokhotlong district . It’s a village with a bigger number of population. There are two schools found in Molumong. The two schools includes a vocational school, where the youths are trained to do crafts work. Having a vocational school in this village it’s a big advantage to this village since the youths are equipped with some skills that help them to alleviate poverty. The school is meant for the very poor people who didn’t manage to finish their high school or even at primary level. The courses offered in this school are as follows: carpentry and joinery, catering, knitting & sewing and welding.

I arrived at the school in the morning (9:00). The students were already prepared for my visit. The smile was written on their faces. We prepared ourselves to watch a movie (the bet). While watching the movie, I had to pause it as to explain to them here and there. We enjoyed watching the movie together. After the movie I divided the big group into smaller groups and in each group there were questions to answer relating to self control as a value. Such questions were as follows:
1. How would you define self control and what are the benefits of self control?
2. How would you practice self control in your daily life and when did you have most self
3. In what situation did you fail to have self control?
4. What can you do to develop a better attitude of self control?
5. Could a relationship with God help with practicing self control?

In other small group when answering question 3, one of the students said while she was at high school (form A) her boyfriend begged her to have sex with him. She didn’t want to do it and told the boy to stop that. A boy seduced her until she gave up. The worst part is we didn’t have condoms and he impregnated me, she said. All her group mates were shocked. She said if she had this education about self control she could have not done that. She also indicated that she wish we (MMMI) could focus more on girls at high schools.

We moved to the myth busters game. The game was not as funny as it used to be, this is because there were no cards. I only found that I had forgotten them in another bag which was at home that time. Therefore they used hands instead of cards.After that we read Joseph’s story to explain the elements of self control. Only to find out that they didn’t know about such a story from the Bible. I encouraged them to have the bibles and read them and also to have a daily devotion together. Furthermore I encouraged them to abstain sex until they get married. Apart from that I shared a testimony whereby my mother was sick and she tested HIV Positive. My brothers and sisters in-laws billed her and talked behind her back. They didn’t show support to her at all. I was exemption together with my two real sisters and one brother. It was such a tough time in our
lives but God was enough to heal her. She is healthy now and following take her medication.

Sharing about my personal story was to encourage them and others to test for HIV before is too late and support one another. A sample of 10 students was asked to participate for short questionnaire. I highlighted them about the next meeting that will we have. That is we are going to discuss about Values and Money ( nothing for Mahala). We had the closing prayer together.