Second chance

At the Juvenile training Center Maseru we started off with a prayer. We performed some energizers as to break the ice.

We chose to discuss with the boys the value “second chance”. This value plays a vital role in life of someone who realizes where he went wrong as the value says it. Second chance: giving someone the opportunity to try again, even though they have might have messed up the first time. Most of them wrote their final exams by last year so some of them managed to pass their exams while few didn’t manage to do it. This value was to bring hope to the boys who didn’t manage to pass their exams and also motivate them all and inspire them as one day they will be released from JTC therefore they have to use that opportunity as a second chance in their life.

I shared with the boys about my life story where I had to make use of the value “second chance”. In 2010 I was studying Mechanical Engineering. It was a 3 years course offered a full sponsorship by the government. I didn’t manage to complete even the first year. It was so challenging for me to continue with the course, the failure rate was also high in this course. I decided to quit the school and find a work since I had no money to pay the school fees by myself. It was such a tough time in my life whereby some of the family members rejected me. I couldn’t get a better job to save money for going back to school. In 2014 I decided to go back to the same school but I changed the course even though I had no money to pay but I trusted God to take control of my fees. God used people that I respect and trust to pay for all my fees while I was in my first year of Fitting and machinery. I was so amazed! I took that opportunity as the second chance given to me from God therefore that made me to work extra miles. I passed with flying colors until now where I will be graduated in March this very year. I’m so glad about the love of God. The boys were so motivated and inspired.

We also read a motivational story from the Bible in Luke 15:11-32 Furthermore we read the story of Bob Nameng from heartlines Bob Nameng was a neglected street child. He was given a second chance by his adoptive mother, Mama Eva. When Bob grew up he decided to start a youth club, known as SKY. He saw the club as the answer to the problem that many young people in the township don’t have a safe place to go where people will motivate and care for them. Bob says, ‘ I won’t let any child suffer what I had to. They are our Kings and Queens.”

We divided the boys into smaller and giving them some motivating words. Encouraging them to have a hope in their life and follow their dreams. “God’s second chances are unconditional, lavish and generous”.