Village outreach

We started playing football together with the guys.  We were so exicited to have a sunny day after a heavy non-stop rain that took us a week. Most of the boys in this group are at the beggining of their high school level. It is the most challenging stage in many Basotho boys who are living in rural areas. Many of them move to urban areas or change the environment they are currently living in. Therefore they encounter some different challenges such as choosing good friends, peer presure from friends and the environment itself. They drop from school because of various reasons such as pre-marital stage as they impreganate their schoolmates (girls) and many more. The parents and the chief from the community are worried about the future of their children therefore they trusted me to talk to their boys before the schools reopen.

After playing soccer we had a team talk where  we discussed about self control.
The boys were divided into to small groups according to their age class. In each group, the following questions were asked.

1. How would u define self-control?
2. When have you been filled with self-conrol the most?
3. How do you practice self-control in your daily life?
4. What are the benefits of self control?
5. What can you do to develop a better attitude of self-control?
6. Could a relationship with God help with practicing self control?
7. When have you been filled with self -control the most?
8. In what situation did you fail to have a self-control in which you should have?

The boys had different answers in reply to the above questions.
We read the story of Joseph from the bible. In the begining of the story, they were laughing at Joseph, making some Sesotho jokes out of  him. We read  his story further up to where they were impressed about Joseph’s life.

Furthermore we played the myth busters game. Some statements were making them to burst into laughter while some created discussions. Therefore I explained what is correct.
At the end I asked them some questions as to check their listening skill. The rewards for each  correct question was an exercise book.  This was to support them in their education and encourage them to work hard at school. We had prayer together and shouted good bye!