Malefiloane village

Malefiloane is a big rural village. The village is about 3km away from the main road. The road to this village is not easily accessible. There is a primary school in this village. The people walk about 10 Km to the clinic, to access the health facilities as well as the children walk the same distance to go to the high school. Many children become shepherds after completing at primary level since the high school if far  as their families can’t affort money for transport daily. People from this village live on farming for their families consumption not for sale.

During my arrival, I was welcomed with the open arms. There were many kids all over. I started playing games with them. After every game we had debrief. The children enjoyed the games and some (older) had some questions. For instance in a game we played: one person is being blindfolded, the clothing pegs plunged on his/ her clothes and is in the center of the circle. She or he is turning around trying to catch others but still in a circle. The pegs are called the soldiers of the body and other people are HIV so they are attacking the soldiers of the body.  One of them asked ” Do the kids have weak soldiers of the body as they get sick more and often?”  The reply was no.
In the meanwhile I was done with the kids and  I talked to the youth. There were few ladies and one guy among them. We discussed more  of the myths normaly Basotho ladies have. After some clarifications It was already late and we had to disperse. We planed to have another outreach soon with them. We had the prayer together and said goodbye.