Juvenile training centre

We had a prayer together with the boys and the girls from JTC. It was such a good time to have the girls in a group as it has been so long that they were not attending our programs. I was doing the program alone. Everybody in a group was asked on what is his or her plans whenever they’re released from JTC. In their replies, many said that they want to go back to school to further their studies. We then read the bible about the parable of the lost son found in the book of Luke ( 15:11-32). I encouraged them to forgive others and ask for forgiveness where they wronged others “forgiving someone is like setting a prisoner free and only to find out you were the one who was a prisoner”.

Furthermore a boy and a girl shared some living testimonies about their lives whereby some different people wronged them and now they have to forgive and forget. The boy said he was a shepherd and worked for his boss, who was working in South Africa and his wife (boss’s wife)
was the one to look after the family at home. She was not good to him to an extend he used to look after the cattle with an empty stomach, sometimes eat once in a day. It was difficult for him, he mentioned. He thought of leaving the work and going back to his family but he remembered what brought him there. Therefore he was patient to stay until he got paid after completing a year, he said. The boy said that he has forgiven her with all of his heart. The girl also shared more about her live where she has forgiven her father who was treating her younger sister who is death badly as their mother already passed away.

We had the closing prayer together, shook hands and said goodbye.