Hlakacha village outreach

Hlakacha village is in Butha-Buthe district and found in Mochechane constituency. This village is one of the remote areas in Lesotho. The road to this village is not easily accessible and is a gravel one. The people living in this village earn the living by rearing animals and growing crops for home consumption. The working class is very low in this village therefore many people are poor in the village. There is also high literacy rate since the schools are far from the village inspired there is a new primary school in the village.
We had an outreach on Wednesday (5/10 /2016) meant for the youth. The chief from the village had a concern that these people lack knowledge on sexually transmitted diseases as from his records he has an alarming rate of infected people. Many people in this village got married and have so many children. We played a myth busters game. The game showed that many people still do not have enough knowledge about the Sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover the game revealed more information that they still believe is true whereas they are just the myths. For instance they do believe that if a woman have sex during breastfeeding, the sperm will get into the milk and the child will not grow in a normal way.

Furthermore we watched a movie about perseverance. The lesson behind was to motivate them and encourage them not give up to their different challenges. They were so excited and begged for more, unfortunately the time was not on our side. We also discussed on how they can come together to start some income generating projects as they get bored during the day so they end up making wrong decisions like engaging in multiple partners.
We also discussed more about their life in general and the problems they encounter. One of their major problem is they are far from the health centres for they struggle to get the health services such as ARV’s and the contraceptives. Most of the women also complaint about their husbands as they do not allow them to use the contraceptives for they (men) say that is against their culture and many more bad impacts.

Since I was doing the program alone I didn’t have a good chance to take more pictures during our program but we took them after. After our program we took some pictures together with the older people and the children who were not involved in a program. We then had a prayer together.