JTC report

We had an outreach Today with Sechaba at JTC. We started our program at 10:00 in the morning. We started with an opening prayer followed by some energizers as to break the ice. We then read a real-life story of one person who changed his life by choosing a new set of values to live by. It’s heartlines material called For good ( take action for good).
The story is about a man called Saki who was sentenced to 15 year in prison at the age 16. He served 10 years. Saki put his words into action too. Every month he travels to the long-term prison, where he visits a group of boys from the local area. He takes food and spends time listening and giving advice to the young boys inside, telling them that when they get out they must take a good life or soon they will be back behind the bars. There are many young men involved in crime in the area where he lives, but every day he makes a decision not to join them. It is difficult. Saki says ” it is sometimes very difficult to be a new person. If people find out that you have been a prisoner, a ‘Bhantinti’, a criminal, you become a first suspect. We need a campaign for people to see that we are willing change.” The story of Saki goes on. To download this book, visit

The boys loved the story and it deeply touched them as well as Sechaba. It was such a good time to read for the boys about Saki’s story. The boys a willing to change as well and to take action for good. We also read the story of Paul and Silas in prison from the bible in Acts 16: 25-34. The story was more related to the one for Saki. We had a closing prayer.