Outreach Maseru village

On the 20 August 2016 we had an outreach in Maseru village. Maseru village is in Butha-Buthe in ‘Moteng area. The outreach was involving the community youth club (Moteng Fishing and Tourism Association), the children from the village and the community people. Lack of jobs and HIV has devastating effects on this village and its future generation. As there are no job opportunities in this village, many people engage in multiple partners to the passersby in order to earn the living. The youth in this village also drop from schools at the alarming rate as their parents cannot afford to pay for their fees at high schools. Therefore this increases the chances of getting HIV as they also get bored since they have no jobs to keep them busy. Above all there are so many orphans in this village and many of them are infected or affected by HIV and AIDS.

Furthermore I and Phillip, we did write a letter to the Peace Corps office asking for a volunteer who can equip the youth in this village with some life skills. We hope this can bring some changes to this community as people will be encouraged to start their small income generating projects. In few months back our proposal was approved therefore we have to prepare for the arrival of such a volunteer. The Peace Corp was also demanding the community to build up a toilet for such a person where he will be staying. Therefore we found it necessary for us to go there and do such a project with the community. Everything is ready except the toilet that was half done. On Saturday we invited the kids and the youths to collect the stones and river sand that will be used to finish up
building the toilet. We started collecting the stones and after that we went to the river to collect the sand river. It was really fun and the kids enjoyed that as it was during the weekend. After working we played some indigenous games together and read a crocodile in my body book. They needed some clarification about HIV, luckily the book had their answers. We also explained more to them. One of them was that why is that the kids are also the victims of HIV? After all we enjoyed the food that we cooked for them. One of the local shops also contributed 2.5 Kg of maize meal, bag of simba chips and the sweets. We bought sausages for them . They were so excited to eat together and they enjoyed the