We watched the heartlines movie about second chance. It takes almost 20 minutes.

[ Film summary ]
Manyisa, released from prison, is given a second chance when a local pastor (Jacob) takes him into his home. This places challenges on Jacob’s family as they seek to help Manyisa forge a new life. Jacob’s wife especially struggles with these challenges and is concerned about the friendship that their young son, Sibusiso, strikes up with Manyisa. Jacob helps Manyisa to find employment, but Manyisa has difficulty fitting into his new environment. His past criminal life pulls back at him, and he finds himself exploited and eventually wrongly accused of theft at work. Pressurized into helping his old gang comrade to rob Jacob of the church’s offering, things go horribly wrong when young
Sibusiso is shot and wounded. Manyisa, instead of fleeing, goes back to help save Sibusiso. He returns Jacob’s family car making it possible to get Sibusiso to the hospital in time to save his life. Manyisa find himself back in prison, but with a new outlook on life.

After the movie we started the film discussion. During the discussion I shared testimony of my life whereby in 2010 I was doing Mechanical Engineering in one of the local technical schools in Maseru but I couldn’t pass. I had to leave the school and seek for a job. I couldn’t get a job for almost two years but during the third year I found one even though it wasn’t a good one. I worked for five months then I had to leave since I got sick. In 2014 I wanted to go back to school. I had no money to pay for my fees at all even my accommodation was a problem. I mom was not working to support me financially. My brothers were working but they just ignored me. Due to God’s grace, my friends had compassion on me and contributed money for my fees. I was so amazed by God’s love on me. I took this as second and last chance in my life to work hard and prove that I’m not a failure. I passed with flying colours till now whereby I’m doing my 3rd year (last year) in Fitting and machinery. The boys were so impressed and encouraged by my testimony and willing to follow the suit when ever they are released and within JTC. People from UNICEF were also around and they were also impressed by how we do our program. They were so impressed to an extent that they encouraged us to do more and want us to work in such youth projects and Juveniles together with them. Soon well have a way forward discussion with them as they promised. Our discussion will include some suggestions we want to make on how to start some projects or attachments for the Juveniles after JTC.