We started our program with the prayer. Sechaba played his guitar and we sang the worship songs. Furthermore we had an opening prayer by one of the boys. We read the bible from the book of Nehemiah 1:5-11 (Nehemiah prayer). This is whereby Nehemiah responded to problems with prayer. He recognized the problem, immediately prayed, and
then acted on the problem. We played a game whereby we had 4 different drinks namely cola, grape juice, oros and fanta pine. The drinks we named. Some boys were chosen to be cupbearer or ‘wine’ tasters. We blindfolded them and were to identify which drink is grape juice. It was difficult for the boys to identify but they enjoyed the game.

Link to the story: Nehemiah was the king’s cupbearer. He was the wine steward who had to taste the wine first in case someone tried to poison the king. We divided the boys into four groups. In each group the boys were asked to identify anything that is a problem in their lifes. The boys were free to talk openly in small groups. Most of them testified about what brought them into JTC. In most cases they have been found guilty of rape. The claimed that they have done things that they are not proud of therefore they even think that it’s difficult for God to forgive them and the community they are living with. This was so sad but we gave them some encouraging words and prayed together. At the end we shared some chocolate bars with them. They asked us to arrange some soccer matches for them since they are now in school holidays.