Selfcontrol in Moteng

IMG_0370Moteng is such a big village with many people. This village is along the main road to Mokhotlong district. Lack of jobs and HIV has devastating effects on this village and its future generation. As there are no job opportunities in this village, many people engage in multiple partners to the passersby in order to earn the living. The youth also drop from schools at the high rate as their parents cannot afford to pay for their fees at high schools. Therefore this increases the chances of getting HIV since they also get bored as they have no jobs to keep them busy.
Above all there are so many orphans here and many of them are infected or affected by HIV and AIDS.

Recently, ‘Mapiers Mohapi, lecturer in the faculty of Health Sciences in Department of Nursing at the National University of Lesotho (NUL) indicated that Lesotho is one of the countries, where many men and women indulged in adultery and have multiple sexual partners. ( She further pointed out that multiple sexual partners are source of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
On the 29 December 2015 we had the kids and the youth program from Moteng village. The aim of this program was to equip the youth and kids with some skills on values based on behavioral change.We had fun with the kids whereby we read the crocodile in my body book together and explained the basics on how HIV is being transmitted.The kids also enjoyed coloring the pictures in the book. We even played some ball games to explain further to the kids.

IMG_0373Moreover we had the discussion with the youth whereby we talked about the value “self control”. Many of them indicated that they experience failure when they have to apply self control due to peer pressure from friends and relatives , lack of job opportunities and boredom and many more. We read story of Joseph from the bible from the book of Genesis as to explain the elements of self control.
After our discussion one guy shared more about his life. He said he has been graduated from school 3 years back but doesn’t have job and that is putting a lot of pressure on him. He further indicated that he sometimes make some bad decisions as to try to relief himself from pressure but it seem like he is putting more fuel of fire. We prayed together with him and promised to always include him in our personal devotion for God to turnaround him life.

To the end of our program we gave gave the little boys a ball that can keep them busy as FullSizeRender
it’s now school holidays. We also handled a ball pump to the local football team that was also among us. We then enjoyed cookies, juice drink and the sweets