Golden opportunity

groepsfotoMpatloane is a small village located on the hills of Botha-Bothe district. It is away from the main road about 3 kilometers. There is a primary school, football pitch and the community library in this village. There is a big forest close by the village. The road to this village is very bad and not easily accessible. The people from this village earn the living by farming for their families consumption.
We were so excited to be given the golden opportunity to do the HIV, self-control and behavioral change program in this village with the youth from this village. There were 13 youth. We were welcomed with the open arms. We used the community library to do our program in. The children and the youth were so excited too. We started our program around 12:00.We set our program rolling with the prayer. We played a myth game with the youth and we explained  what is true from the myths. We also performed some energizers to make our program more lively. We watched a heartlines movie (The bet ). Moreover  we talked about the movie to explain more about self control. We also encouraged them to abstain sex until they get married. We read the story from the Bible ( Genesis 39 : 6 – 23 ) as to explain the elements of self control.Groep jeugd
Furthermore I shared a testimony whereby my mother was sick and she tested HIV Positive. My brothers and sisters billed her and talked behind her back. I shared this living testimony in the light to support those who are infected or affected by the HIV and AIDS. I even advised them to stop fighting people with HIV but fight the virus itself. After sharing this they were more relaxed and free. Many of them explained their struggles concerning self control. Their struggles are pressures the youth are facing nowadays  in their area that relates with sexuality, self esteem and boredom. All these results into bad choices. We related their struggles to the movie ( The bet) and how the cast overcame their different problems. For instance at the end the of this Chiefmovie Biko tells Zan that there are so many good stuff to do so we tried to show them that those things should not be an issue to them.
Our time was over around 1600 hours. We had the final words by the chief. He encouraged the youth to change their life style and to attend such youth meetings. We gave him a thank you present ( key holder ), he accepted it and mumbled a thank you.