White blankets of snow

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Aren’t the mountains very beautiful in their white blankets of snow? We had the privilege of making our way to Thaba-Tseka on Friday of 26 June 2015. We took our bus as early as 8:30am with Sechaba Tsoana. The bus was moving in a tortoise rate up the mountains of Lesotho, we were very anointed by that. Our joy returned when we were on top of the mountains and having a good view of the white Mountains blanketed with a snow.

We arrived in Thaba-Tseka town at 1400 hours. We were welcomed with open arms by Vincent Voet while his wife was busy in the hospital. He took us with his nice and comfortable car to the other side of Thaba-Tseka district along the way to Katse dam where we were going to meet the Shepherds. We met different groups of Shepherds on the hill side along the road. There were many shepherds on that hill side. They were also with the small boys as the schools are closed for winter holidays.

Furthermore, we shared the word of God together while they were still enjoying the sweets we brought for them. We also gave them megavoices and prayed together. We were all over the moon to enjoy the fellowship together. They were very happy to receive such portable devices and promised to use them wisely. They said that most of them do not know how to read and write therefore megavoices will be very useful for me them to know about the word of God. It was already late so we had to leave to Paray Hospital where we picked Vincent’s wife then we went to the other village but opposite side. It was already dark. We were welcomed in the other village where there is a school for the shepherds. We had the chance to share the word of God with the shepherds and gave them the megavoices. We also prayed with them. We took some pictures with them. It was already late so we had to leave to Vincent’s home at Paray hospital.
When we arrived in the house where we started the fire in the living room and relaxed. We shared some jokes and had fun. We were spoiled with the cookies, snacks and coffee while Voet’s family was still preparing for a nice Dutch meal for dinner. Within the blink of an eye we ate nicely and relaxed. We shared so many experiences after the dinner and Voet’s family gave us the word of encouragement on the work we are doing and they showed that they enjoyed the shepherds outreach very much. We also thanked them a million for their support they showed to us then we had a prayer and went to bed.
We woke in the morning and made our way to Maseru by taxi. Indeed we enjoyed the shepherds ministry and being with Vincent and his wife.

Thank you for the support for making this to happen. May God bless!


Donations JTCA report from Juvenile Training Centre ( JTC )  4 July 2015

They guys were very happy to see us again in JTC. We met their guards and we were welcomed once again. We went into the hall to sort the toiletries with respect to the boys and girls number. There were 30 boys and 4 girls who were suppose to get the toiletries. The toiletries list was as follows
1. pads
2. tooth brushes
3. tooth pastes
4. Roll on
5. Towels
6. Petroleum jelly

We had the opening prayer by Sechaba. We then gave them the toiletries as well as the sweets. We also gave them the books (crocodile in my body books) and two movies disc ( Tom Cruise). We gave the books to those who didn’t get them from our previous visit. I also gave them my movies since I normally don’t watch them and told them that they will get their flash loaded with movies soon from Jakob Jan. They were very happy and we’re thankful.
We did let them to watch a clip called money and values. We divided them into small groups whereby we discussed about how to make a good use of money:
-money should not change you
-self control in saving money
-There are more important things than money
-honesty in saving money
Furthermore, we showed them how to use the megavoices as their bosses revealed them this morning. There were over the moon. We gave the megavoices to the guys. We had the closing prayer and left them busy watching the movies we gave them. We then met some of the correctional staff members and they were very thankful for the stuff we gave the guys. One of them (Ms Lepholisa) said that most of the guys admitted at JTC are the double orphans therefore they don’t get the support from the relatives. She indicated that they such children struggle to get their toiletries as the government takes a long time to supply them with. They sometimes contribute their money to help such children.